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Briefly about the main

     Highly respected users of the Internet, fans of auto transport! We welcome You for the status of visitors TVTAXI. In order to achieve maximum awareness about the vehicles we offer the services of our site. To Your attention is offered detailed information about the location of the vehicle that You are interested in, as well as their availability, according to Your desires and needs.
   You will quickly be able to identify a landmark that is closest to You on the page "search free taxi". As landmarks may serve some infrastructures( the architectural constructions, train stations, stadiums, theaters, markets, parking’s, shopping centers, villages, etc… ) that are near You. On the basis of these, the program will offer vehicles that will arrive in 10...20 minutes( winter season, rush hour - 10...30 min. ).
   On the page "Catalogue auto" You can enter the necessary data, click on "Search" and see automatically selected vehicles that are within the data. Near photos of the driver are indicated tariffs, according to which it serves its customers. If prices are not listed, the driver is working on a contractual payment. The driver with the stated rates from the minimum price of travel and further, as a rule, will be have a counters. Within the city, they can not refuse any order. The exception may be cases which include: inadequate condition of the customer, or call with too remote area of the location of the driver.
   All drivers of our website are registered as official carriers, ensuring a safe and effective transportation. According to the rules, every driver has to write out a check to the client, which must indicate the date, time, cost of travel and the number of the car driver. If he had not, please tell us by phone( 093 95-49-960 ) or email. Each ticket has its own serial number. Later, on this numbers, by random electronic selection will conduct sweepstakes incentive prizes between the owners of checks.
   In Ukraine there are the following mobile operators: MTS, KYIVSTAR, BILINE, LIFE ... Table driver logo denotes the operator used by this driver. You can choose the most convenient operator for You.

Precaution in case of rejection

     Telephone numbers customers who, due to certain circumstances, was booked transport, and went to the driver, was not warned before about the rejection, and then do not go on the link will be automatically entered in the "black list". In the case of the following orders of this number, the call will not be serviced.
   Calls from the phone with a hidden number( "unknown" ) driver may voluntarily dismiss, because it will not be able callback the client.
   Orders, which will come from the suburbs, may also be at the discretion of the driver. To reinsure themselves from the "idle run" driver may ask the customer to count a certain amount( 5-10 UAH. ) on the mobile phone number as a some guarantee.

On remark

     Dear users! Please draw Your attention to some moments that may arise in the process of ordering vehicles. For example the following can happen: the moment when the customer dials a favorite driver of the vehicle, call - expires some time. At the same time, the driver could be the one the customer and the driver will take the order from him quickly. Analogically can simultaneously enter an order in the "online" - mode, which the driver in a given time interval will perform, respectively, being busy at the time when the first client over the phone will have time to get in touch. The driver has not had time to report that he was busy, because it would take a couple of minutes, which he did not beat. In the above two models situations please, be in such cases and to order any other driver on Your discretion.
   During Taxi to some landmarks( stadiums, markets, cemeteries, parks, etc… ) that have multiple outputs, please clearly indicate which one is closest to You in order to avoid unwanted confusion.
   The same goes for services that require additional configuration. The driver does not have to constantly carry out a complete set of all of the vehicle( for example trailer ), so prior to placing an order, make sure that the additional equipment meets the one You were looking for.
   Happens and the following: the driver that a customer has ordered the road to it is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances( accidents, congestion long ) lost precious time, the driver involuntarily forced to abandon this order and phoned to You, because it is not able to execute it in a timely manner. Therefore, competing requests to clients with understanding to the situation in the event of the driver, dial another, which at this time is as close as possible and available to You.

Orders through translators

     Dear foreign customers of our site is automatically set by the drivers, who own the selected language( language is selected in the upper right corner ), or drivers that work together from the respective translators to help coordinate a meeting place, route, fare, etc. It should be noted that You have to remember the number You have selected the driver and report it to the translator. If necessary, the presence of an interpreter for the trip, an order that You wish to make, You need to plan in advance( about an hour before the trip ). Translation services are paid by the customer.
   In case of insufficient language proficiency drivers or translators, so that You can not find mutual understanding, please inform us( tvtaxi@i.ua ) of these.

Basic villages

     The villages where drivers of free vehicles indicate their location on the site named as base. For example, if you live in village Dolinyany Gorodotsky area, closest to your base village Gorodok. If you choose your village, the page will show the cars that are at the exit of the city in the direction of your village, and near the base village.

The rates of economy-class

     The rates of economy-class are determined by three factors. This is the cost of travel to 4 uah. for 1 km of travel, the minimum fare (no more than 25 uah. for economy class ), as well as the price per minute standby time that is no more than 0.6 uah. Economy-class fares can also stick drivers, carriers providing services by agreement.


     Thank You in advance for using our services, we do our best to justify Your trust.
   All comments on the site, the service system, some suggestions and tips should be sent to the above address. We will be grateful for the information that will help us provide You with better quality services. With sincerely to You group our companies!